Standard & Safety Covers

Master Pool Service Inc. is proud to offer our customers Loop-Loc© Safety Covers.  These covers include a manufacturer’s pro-rated warranty for 15 years. Covers are professionally installed and come with all the tools you need to cover your pool and remove the cover yourself once installed.  From simple rectangles to custom formed pools, we can install the perfect cover that fits all your needs.

We offer three different types of safety covers.  Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Semi Solid Safety Cover

This is our most popular model and justifiably so.  It combines the ease of use of the Full Mesh Safety cover with the sunlight and debris blocking ability of the Solid Safety Cover. This cover does not require an additional pump.  Two water draining panels allow rainwater to drain into your pool and prevent most small debris from entering your pool, all while keeping the sunlight out.  All of this results in quick, inexpensive openings allowing you to use your pool from the very first day it’s opened.

We’re still trying to find a disadvantage of this cover.

Full Mesh Safety Cover

The advantages of the full mess cover include being the cheapest in cost of all safety covers, not needing an additional pump, and being lightweight enough for one person to move around.

The disadvantage of this cover is that it lets small particles and sunlight into your pool.  This typically results in higher opening costs.  Sunlight allows algae to grow in your pool should your chemicals become out of balance during its closing.  These covers are best removed prior in the early spring to prevent pollen issues.

Solid  Safety Cover

The advantages of the solid safety cover include being the best at sunlight blocking and debris prevention.  Your pool typically opens in the same condition in which it was closed. Since no rainwater enters the pool, the water chemistry remains the same as when the cover was installed.

The disadvantage of this cover is that it requires an additional pump to remove the water from the top.  Pumps are required on this cover to maintain the warranty and are included in the installation and also the price, making this the highest priced cover .

Standard Covers

We do still install your standard pool covers with water bags.  This is the most economical solution to covering your pool but does not offer any safety measures.  This type of cover requires the most maintenance during the winter season.  Pumping off rain water and removing leaves and debris are essential for this cover to work properly.

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