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When should I open my pool?

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any yard.  Most of our customers like to have their pools open before Easter.  Some of our customers, on the other hand, wait until after the spring pollen season is over to open their pools.

Either way has its benefits and drawbacks.  Before Easter, your pool will be subjected to the yellow haze of Georgia springtime.  Your skimmer is capable of handling this, and just a few minutes with a brush and net will keep your pool welcoming even through the worst of the pollen days.

If you wait until after the spring pollen season, the initial opening time will be a little longer.  Cleaning up of the accumulated pollen takes a little bit longer and can result in higher initial costs.

All openings include a cleaning, making sure the filtration system is fully operational, and installing of the ladders and returns.  We allow ninety (90) minutes for each opening.  Chemicals are an additional cost, and we will be more than happy to use yours, should you have your own.  Please be aware, should your pool be exceptionally dirty, addition visits may be required to achieve crystal-clear waters resulting in higher opening costs.

Pool Liner Installation

When Do I Replace My Pool Liner?

The average lifespan of a liner is typically 7 to 8 years.  Many things can either shorten or extend the life your liner.

As liners age, they become less flexible and more susceptible to  cracks and tears.  Improperly balanced water speeds this process up considerably.  Properly balanced water can keep your liner soft and extend its life up to 15 years.

We will not recommend a liner replacement unless it is necessary. We are experts at patching small holes and tears, both above the water line and below.

Let us take a look before you take the plunge on a new liner. Request a free estimate and we’ll come out and take a look.

If a new pool liner is needed, the liner will be professionally measured to ensure a perfect fit, with no wrinkles or stretching.  Our new liners include new faceplates on all of the returns and skimmers.  It also includes new wall foam, and minor floor repairs.